Event Date: 9-11 March 2015
Location: Suntec Convention & Exhibiton Centre , Singapore
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Delegates Programme

Some of the key sessions that will be presented at the conference include:

Session One – Part A: How can we improve process safety in the APAC region?
With the APAC region burgeoning into a centre for economic and industrial prowess, the process industry has to now, more than ever, raise the bar on process safety to international standards. Government, industry and academia need to collaborate and collectively step-up to this call.
Attend this session to gain insights from an accomplished regulator followed by panel discussion on this subject:
Eddie Morland Chief Executive Officer
Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), UK
Deputy Chief Executive
Health and Safety Executive (HSE), UK

Shaping a sustainable and measurable process safety culture to deliver sustained stakeholder value
• Prioritising long term process safety assurance above short term budget restrictions and profitability
• Establishing the process safety culture through targeted and sustained awareness campaigns and high quality training materials
• Developing regular channels of communication to feedback successes and highlight ongoing challenges
• Standardising systems and business processes across all sites and establishing common change management and governance processes
• Develop a culture of transparency at all levels of the organisation to monitor the performance of key risk control areas
• Ensuring the reliability of safety programmes and the positive engagement of the workforce
Chris Martin Generation Applications Manager
GDF SUEZ Energy – UK, Turkey

Process safety leadership - key to process safety culture and sustainable performance
Attend this session to learn from case studies on how poor leadership leads to accidents and how good leadership has prevented accidents
• Driving culture through consistency with core values
• What are the essential attributes of process safety culture and leadership?
• How to measure leadership and determine strengths and weaknesses?
• Industry best practices for nurturing process safety leaders throughout the organisation
Steve Arendt Vice President – Global Oil, Gas, and Chemicals
ABS Group
Center for Chemical Process Safety - Fellow and TSC Member
Mary Kay O’Conner Process Safety Center - Merit Award Winner

Ensuring the integrity of safety critical equipment to prevent unplanned failures and potential loss of primary containment
• Leaders Standard Work – applying LEAN to operations
• Managing transformation through the procedures discipline and living program
• Embedding and testing the adequacy of critical equipment for preventative and mitigative control measures
• Establishing key procedures to control and mitigate the override of critical equipment
• Continuous improvement to ensure the ‘right’ critical elements are in place and effective
Kok Toong Khong Head of Production
Shell Jurong Island, Singapore

Providing assurance on process safety through effective tools for management oversight and corporate governance
PTTEP has redefined its approach to process safety post Montara. This session talks about innovation in:
• Assisting top management in the assessment of critical controls with the new ‘Line of Sight’ tool
• Designing management systems and procedures to exercise a greater degree of control on processes
• Laying down critical process competencies for in-house personnel and contractors
Robin Wright Safety Security Health Environment Manager
PTTEP Australasia, Australia

Minimising the integrity failures of ageing plants and equipments both onshore and offshore
• Performing asset integrity reviews on ageing assets to spot early signs of deterioration
• Raising hazards and developing safe work procedures to overcome the risks associated with ageing plants and equipments
• Balancing the costs and risks in upgrading ageing plant or equipment to raise the existing safety standards
• Ensuring that the refurbishment of equipments stays within the design conditions of the existing plant or original equipment
• Preventing potential loss of critical functionality caused due to changes in technology and equipments
• Going through the safety life cycle process to deal with legacy issues in systems and plant
Bhavesh Shukla Process and Safety Improvement Manager
Valspar, Singapore

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